Proxmox - Guest Network Throughput

I had a weird notion that proxmox was throttling the network throughput of guests, however today I discovered that it was only due to the CPU of the guest machine. Here's the scenario. I have a 1GBPS connection to the internet. All machines in my office get this speed, however my proxmox guest (Ubuntu Desktop) was getting only 200mbps.

  • 2vCPU (KVM) and 4GB RAM - 200 mbps up and down

  • 8vCPU (KVM) and 16GB RAM - 400 mbps up and down

  • 8 vCPU (Host) and 16GB RAM - 900 mbps up and down

  • 2vCPU (Host) and 4GB RAM - 600mbps down and 900 mbps up

The main change was to set the CPU type to 'Host' mode.